International logo competition for Leonardo da Vinci Project

Резултати от училищен конкурс за лого, брошура и плакат

За лого
ПЪРВО МЯСТО – Окан Ивелинов Моллов

За брошура
ПЪРВО МЯСТО – Елиз Юзджан Юсеин

За плакат
Номинират се и трите предложени проекта


1. Participants: all students from each partner school can participate in the contest.

2. Every participant will be able to present a maximum of two designs.

3. The designs must express some of the most important aspects of the project like numbers, money, accounting, intercultural exchange, friendship, European Union, suit the topic of the project and represent the partner countries

4. Quality and innovation will be important.

5. The designs must be easy to reproduce in different materials (paper, Internet etc.)

6. The technique of the project is free ( in case of paper it must be presented in paper sized A4).

7. The designs must be presented to the teacher of charge of the project with personal details such as name, surname, class till the end of October 2012.

8. The best logo from each partner school will be chosen by voting (the voting will be organized in each partner school in the first week of November 2012).

9. Every student will be able to vote for only one design.

10. The best logo from each partner school will take part in the second international part of the competition in Turkey.

11. During the partners meeting in November 2012 the best logo will be chosen.

12. The design will be used as the image of the project, and will be used in documents and notifications.


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