A competition for a poster, brochures and leaflets

Резултати от училищен конкурс за лого, брошура и плакат

За лого
ПЪРВО МЯСТО – Окан Ивелинов Моллов

За брошура
ПЪРВО МЯСТО – Елиз Юзджан Юсеин

За плакат
Номинират се и трите предложени проекта

Contestants poster, brochure and leaflet must include some details.


Logo of the National Agency;

Name of school;

Name of the project;

Partner countries.


Name of the project;

Partner countries;

Names of participating partner schools;

National flags of the participating countries;

Description and pictures of our school;

Information about the town;

Photos of the project team / team;

Information about accounting classes.

For more information please contact the project team of teachers.


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