The beginning of economic education in Kardzhali started in 1961/62 , when by order of the Ministry of Education were opened two economic classes within an admission after the seventh grade of 5 years at SPU “Ch. Botev ”

Course leaders were Parashkeva Bekiarova and George Madjarov. At that time the Director and Assistant Director of SPU ‘Hr. Botev ” were Dimitar Nikolov Shabanov and Bali Tekeliev.

In the next academic year 1962/63 by order of the Ministry of Education was taken an addmision with young people who have completed the eighth grade for a period of four years training.

Under the new curriculum classes in Bulgarian language and Mathematics are increasing and introduces a new subject area – computing.

To meet the ever – growing needs of economic specialists with secondary education in 1963 in Kardzhali was opened a new school – School of Economics with Director Marin Roussev, who gives the idea of the name of the school – “Aleko Konstantinov”.Since its establishment in 1978 the School does not have a building, and was housed in the SPU “Hristo Botev”. Classes are taught in one shift. There was not enough classrooms for effective training of students. Half of them taught in wooden buildings in the courtyard of the school.

The facilities available to the School were extremely scarce and insufficient for the proper training of students.

From 1975 have been building a new school building especially for the Economic School. The building, located in the district “Veselchane” was opened for the academic 1979/80 and for a director was appointed Evelina Kristeva, a longtime teacher at the School. Assistant directors under its authority were Alipi Simov and Petko Milushev, Borimir Ivanova UVR and Milka Pepelanova who was a productive learning teacher.

The new building is divided into three sections with well-furnished rooms and good sports facilities. There are special rooms for typing, computing, business center, rooms for practice.In the new building is together with FROM “Liliana Dimitrova” till 1981, and since then it is changed to PGT “Professor Dr. Zlatarov “.

Facilities are constantly updated and upgraded. Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Economics labs are finished. In 1985 was equipped a computer lab which is needed for the new course training – informatics.

The 1986/87 school year passed under the sign of the celebrations of the 25- year anniversary of the vocational school. A monument to the patron of the school was built with voluntary funds raised by student brigades. The monument has been made by our fellow-citizen and famous sculptor Vejdy Rashidov. In honour of the anniversary of the school, a museum collection was opened. All ethnographic exhibits there were donated by students and teachers.

A variety of extracurricular activities has been held in order to increase the moral and aesthetic education of the students. The established expeditionary team of the school has participated in all national campaigns, and in 1981 and 1986, it was a national champion. There were also sports sections in gymnastics, volleyball, basketball and athletics. The participants in the annual reviews of amateur art have achieved success. The groups for folk songs and girls choir, led by Stefan Vlaev, have had special merit.

From 1994 to 1997 the director of the school was Margarita Stoykova. The teaching process was carried out in seven specialties with a 4-year period of study, and one specialty with three years of study.

Since 1999 till now, the director of the Vocational School of Economics “Aleko Konstantinov”is Kera Petrova. The collective efforts of the staff are oriented towards the provision of highly qualified modern education and professional training of the students. They are also oriented to the formation of high social prestige of the school as an attractive and modern vocational school, which train preferred personnel for the city, region and country.

The 2009/2010 school year started with redesigned and renovated facilities. Three rooms in vocational training were equipped. The study on training firm, that provides training conditions similar to those in a real working environment, brought special interest of the students. In the three computer rooms of the school, with continuous access to the Internet, all computers were renewed.

The presence of the Vocational School of Economics “Aleko Konstantinov” in Kardzhali region and the country is measured by the successful realization of its graduates – financiers, accountants, insurers, managers, IT specialists.

The school successfully combines tradition and innovation in the teaching process of general and vocational training.

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